The Mannings in Med School

It seemed like a good idea in 2010

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We’ve been working really hard to be more “normal” recently, having friends over for meals, making great food and finding time for fun in the midst of studying. Recently, I made King Cake for our annual Mardi Gras party, which was a huge, sparkly success. Tinker continues to grow and she and Watson are the best of friends. We had a big vet visit for both yesterday that took all of our patience and hands. Glad to have that done for the year! In keeping with “normal” we had our friends Sam and Troy over for dinner last night. Eating homemade pizza, playing cards and snickerdoodle cake was EXACTLY what we needed.

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Marriage in Med School

When people find out that Will and I are in the same med school class and that we spend almost every hour of the day together, the common reply is “trial by fire, eh?” And it is. We are not immune to the stressors that all medical students experience, nor the stressors that married couples face and some days, I’m considering hiding in the closet to get 30 seconds of alone time. Did I mention I also had foot surgery, just to make sure we had no winter break…

That being said, we are also finding ways to make sure we remember that we’re married and not just study partners and roommates and the people who co-own two great (also crazy, loud and destructive) dogs. Now that anatomy is over, we’re finding our schedule a little more conducive to a life asymptotically approaching normal. We plan our menus and make meals together and even sometimes eat them together. One day a week, we opt to podcast so that we can get an extra hour of sleep and go out to breakfast. On the weekends, we try to organize our studying so that we can find a couple of hours at the end of the day to drink a glass of wine and watch a Scandal, our current TV obsession.

Perfect? No. Working? Absolutely.

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It’s December and we have a week left of anatomy!! Since our last post, we went to North Carolina where Will had fried chicken for the first time, welcomed a new baby (meet Tinker), survived Movember and landed squarely in winter. We’re so looking forward to our winter break for some much needed relaxation and time with our families and each other.

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It’s been busy around our house during these past weeks. We went to ALCS Game 1, got our white coats, took our first HSF exam, the cross country season ended, leaves fell off the trees, the Red Sox won the world series and Halloween happened! Uncle DJ was here for White Coat and we loved having time to talk medicine and medical school with someone who survived. Cross country ending has started the traditional post-season depression but it’s nice to have the time back.

We continue to find our stride in balancing medical school and marriage. Some weeks, we excel. Other weeks, we forget to feed the dog and hardly see each other. Still, we feel blessed to be sharing the adventure and to all the little fun things we make time to do. We are especially looking forward to our trip to NC in two weeks, where I plan to begin my “let’s do residency here!” pitch.

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The weekend started out with such promise! We finished CMB on Friday and it was MMU Homecoming. On Saturday, I headed to the Manchester Invitational to coach and had a great fall cross country day. Unfortunately, our pitbull had other plans. The few claw that he hurt earlier in the week split further and he had surgery this morning. He’s home recovering now and is adorably sedated. His whimpering tells us he’s uncomfortable, though, so our apple picking and foliage date has to wait.

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